I did not attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.
— Mark Twain

Antiphony started in the bedroom of Anthony Jimenez's house in the redwoods of West Sonoma County, California in 2013. Without having found a name for the project yet, he started recording 1 minute improvisations to learn how to use a new recording software. This material eventually became the foundation for the 'Monte Rio' EP. (Video on Media page, 'Monte Rio Slurpee Edition'). During this period, he came upon the term 'Antiphony', which carries the definition of call and response singing, originally from different divisions of a choir. Right away, he knew this would be the name of the project. Expressing stories, conversation and the relationship with Self.

During that era of time, he also started producing electronic beats in order to execute the long time desire to make a Hip-Hop album. Shortly after recording raps to the beats, long time friend Guy Henry Mueller offered to produce a music video for the material. (Video on Media page, 'Kumquats/Lattes/Cigarettes').


During the final edit when it was time to decide on a name for the project, he suggested the idea of calling it Antiphony as well. This decision to have both genres of music fall under the same name spawned a new level of potentiality, of opening up a large umbrella of a creation that was multi-faceted, with a variety of different expressions. Shortly after, a radio show with the name was started as well. This experience led to a deep passion for video, with the creation of Vlog style videos, sharing stories in a different sensory format.

Fast forward to 2018, after multiple lineup changes and a couple EP releases, a new, multi-talented, and rock-solid crew has settled into the fold for the Rock band. Consisting of Kyle Stryker, Jordan Lichnovsky, and Rob Knopp. All of the experiences have prepared for this demarcation point, of stepping into a new and refined expression of creativity.

This is just the beginning.